Brave using more RAM than Chrome and FF?


I think that Brave have a too much RAM usage.
How can I reduce this ?

With 21 tabs opened :


Extensions – both built-in and 3rd party – are playing a factor here as well. It also depends on the tabs themselves and what site(s) are open in them. A lot could be at play here – how much memory are Chrome/FF using comparatively?


With Chrome about 1Go less (the same tabs are open, Brave count 32 threads against 28 in Chrome) :

I don’t re test with these tabs but the same.

P.S : You see, Valorant take less RAM than Brave :rofl:

EDIT 2 : when I relaunch the browser that’s insane :open_mouth: (i Have a Ryzen 2600X so I don’t understand how it’s possible that Brave takes 60% of UC).


And I just have 2 extensions

I’ve used Microsoft Edge a lot since it was Chromium based. From my rudimental but fair testing, Brave uses significantly more CPU and RAM than Edge also.

Without getting into the ins and outs, I think Microsoft have generally done a good job with Edge on desktop and mobile so far.

I’m looking at Brave as a working progress, I want to like it, but it fails in a few key areas for me at the moment. Looking forward to see how it progresses.

Thank you for the detailed report. I’m going to reach out to some devs to see if maybe we changed something that’s producing the additional resource usage. Also – did you try disabling HWA to test and see if that makes any difference?

No significative difference without hardware acceleration.

Well, it’s not so bad, just a little higher Chrome so that’s ok.

Also, I sent you a DM about rewards, have you seen this ?

I assume you’re looking at Brave because you don’t want to be tracked and monitored. If you’re looking at Edge as well then maybe I should assume you do want to be tracked and monitored… :wink:

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