Suggest: allow us split the browser into two or four screens

When I use desktop or connect a big monitor to my laptop, only one website can be shown. If the browser can split the “screen” into two (at least two, may be four) panels, it would be very helpful. Following are my reasons.

  1. When we carry on literal research online, we hope to search the paper on left panel, and read or quickly review those papers or open those papers on right panel. We can lately save these opened papers.

  2. When we compare information between two websites or items, if we can open open two websites on left and right panel individually, it would be very easy for us to compare them each other.

Why I request this feature?
The current browser allows us open tabs. If we open many windows, it would be messed up. If we open two browser windows and put them like above figures shown, it should be fine. However, sometimes, we, at least for myself, have to open different windows for specific purposes. For an instance, when I perform literature researches, I may search different topic to get some idea. I would open different windows for different topics. When the amount of opened browser windows is more than three, associating with the opened tabs, it is very easy to mess up and the windows might overlap. If the browser screen can be split into two or four or more, it would be very easy to manage these opened windows.

This would be cool.
I use a tiling window manager on Linux so I can replicate this setup, but I do have a long list of bookmarks that I would prefer to see at all times.
With a tiling window manager, I can have two small windows open side-by-side, bu this reduces the number of bookmarks visible.
However, one large window with two websites displayed would not have that issue, just as your images show.

Just like the title says. Personally, I used that feature in Vivaldi a lot for work and is the only one I miss strongly after moving to Brave. The default open in new window and putting two browser windows side by side is not even close in terms of convenience.

This feature is very important and useful, particularly for us use extended large monitors.

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