Tab Tiling (Like Vivaldi)

It would be very useful for Brave to implement the “tile tabs” function, as it is done in Vivaldi, where you select tabs and they can be locked and auto-tiled.

They appear to be the only browser that does this cleanly (and without an extension). Once you use it, you will understand why it’s helpful, where you want to treat two or more web app as a “single pane”.

Please note, this is not the same at the TileTabs extension in FireFox or Chrome.

Thank you.


As someone who has never used vivaldi I sugest opening 2 windows and pinning them on both sides of the screen for multitasking. That’s what I’ve been doing for my whole life with opera and firefox.

Vivaldi’s is nice because it allows you to resize the tab tiles very easily in all 4 directions, and you can add a pretty large number of tabs to your configuration. It also keeps one address bar that operates for all tabs (if you click on a different tile you will see the link change to the appropriate URL). It makes multitasking really easy.

I’m also afraid. Brave should have native tab-tiling, I would love that features.

There is huge value in having it as part of the browser and not needing to alt-tab to control another window. You could imagine creating an extension to control this tiled tab from within your main browsing window, dual scrolling becomes possible in this way, which may accelerate some workflows.