Request for Native Split-Screen Functionality

Hello Brave Developers and Community Members,

I’d like to propose a feature that I believe would greatly enhance productivity within Brave: native split-screen functionality. This feature, available in browsers like Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi, allows users to view and interact with multiple web pages within a single window. It’s an invaluable tool for comparison shopping, cross-referencing information, or simply staying connected while working on other tasks. Adding this feature would streamline workflows and reduce the clutter of multiple windows or tabs, keeping everything neatly accessible in one place.

Thank you for considering this addition and for your dedication to making Brave better for all of us.

I was about to post this same request, because when searching I had put the wrong query. After I typed “split tabs” suggestions came up with this one.

Vivaldi is a high end tractor to help in your front yard gardening, so it’s a bit too much. Edge is fine, you can also move the split slider and resize the pages, but the implementation is 80% bad. You have to press the toolbar “split” button while on Page#1 and then it opens a new one. From there, you could paste a link and open the new webpage. This is missing one key component: Able to select with Ctrl + Click 2 tabs and make them go split. I feel this would be fantastic in case say you’re watching an educational video, and you can search stuff while you’re still watching.

4 votes in, hope more people find this useful and upvote it so we eventually get it. Also hope this isn’t too complicated to implement.