Full Screen Mode In split windows


Edit, look in comments for more examples.

Currently Hitting F11 Puts brave in full screen mode(Thank you brave gods for adding this).

Problem - Full screen mode forces you to use one full size window instead of options for multiple split windows in full screen mode simultaneously. (MOD please edit that to make more sense) lol

Example : tinypic.com/r/2i6jvah/9 : The left side of the screen is brave, you can see both 1/4 windows have tabs and are not in full screen mode. On the left is Firefox, both 1/4 split windows are allowed to be in full screen and have no tabs. (amazing)

Example 2 using 1/2 window split screen : tinypic.com/r/11qqzoh/9 side by side windows, one can be in full screen mode - firefox. The other cannot - brave.

Currently Charting, browsing ect. using this method is not very functional. Too much of the screen is eaten up by tabs and the translucent boarder around brave windows(another issue, I feel functionality should come before being pretty.) Allowing to be full screen in split windows would add functionality to programs like Mosaico that allow hot keys to move and size windows easily. More people need to know about this.

Firefox is the only browser that allows this Ive found but that browser heats up my computer and lags. Brave is fast and keeps things cool. Brave receiving this functionality would set it above the rest.

Ask if anything is not clear, and please take into consideration.

edit: New Firefox version takes full screen slit windows away!! Brave please save us all!

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This is current, no full screen split tiles

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This is how it could be with full screen split tiles as shown in firefox

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