Split screen instead of screen showing favorites bar

I cannot get Brave to be one screen on computer. It is split. Help or i will delete Brave as a browser.

@mewilson ,

Questions for you:

Computer Operating System

Brave Browser version numbers

Define “split screen” - need the details - 1 or 2 display monitors?

Are you splitting the screen of 1 display monitor?

Have you set up 2 display monitors, so that their combined screens acts as (appear as) one screen?

If you have a combined screens (as if one very-wide display screen) setup, are you able to move the Brave Browser window all around the “real estate” of that, in effect, “one very-wide display screen?”

I was very frustrated. Did not know what button I hit but screen was only on one side. Husband solved the problem. He just went to edge of screen and pulled it out. Feeling not to good about a simple solution. I only want screen to be fill on my laptop. Not hitting F12.

Thank you for your response.

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