Split window view

I often compare websites, but I don’t want to seperate the tabs to a window each and then put them aside.

It would be so helpful to have a split view inside of Brave itself.

Concept suggestion:

  1. All tabs are placed left handed per default.

  2. Tabs can be placed left or right like a group.

  3. If I right click a tab, I select “split right”. Now that tab copies to right and the view is split.

  4. Alternatively there is a “toggle split view” button.

This is the only reason I use Arc browser now. The mini pop-out video player is nice on Arc too

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Yeah I would love to have this, one of the main reason why I can’t fully switch to Brave from vivaldi on my work PC.


YES. Edge browser already has this feature, that quite useful


Sidekick has split view too, moreover:

  • sidebar apps can be used as split by default
  • sidebar apps can have more users/sessions
  • sidebar apps opens “over” tabs, so they are not just links