Suddenly not getting any Brave Ads today. Brave Ads server problem?

Oh they are on dont worry; set to 5 per hour. Ever since my wallet disconnected and i had to reconnect it brave hasnt shown me a single add on my desktop. Yet im getting a bunch on mobile


  1. Note that it’s note 5 ads per hour, it’s a maximum of 5 per hour – meaning it can be as high as 5, or as low as 0. It’s an important distinction to make.
  2. Can you try going to this website, forcing a push notification through the browser and seeing if you see Ads begin to appear?

I know its up to 5, i rarely actually see the notifs for ads but at least when you look at the ad revenue it shows how many ads played instead of just 0 like it does now. Ill try the link when i get home from work

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Ya im not getting the notifications at all, i can even show ou screen shots of the ads setting being on

I haven’t gotten ads/rewards for all of March. I’ve been using the browser for half a year or more and was earning rewards every month until March. I have the most recent version. Not sure what happened.

For those who hasn’t been getting ads even if they’re in a supported region and the notifications for Brave Browser is enabled in Windows, can you try turning your ads of and then on then wait for a few minutes to see if you will start getting ads. If you still don’t get ads, try doing it again.

For me, this method works quite often. I can’t say that it’s a 100% guaranteed solution but like I said, somehow this works for me from time to time.

*** REMINDER ***
If you turn the ads off then on again, this will clear your 7 day ad history.

I’m getting ads again. Everything works fine.