Still no luck please HELP!

Okay so i am not receiving any ads on my laptop as says not available in your region (UK) … but i had been receiving ads before the new year. As of the last few months the ads only work on my mobile, i am not running a VPN and i have the latest version of brave installed?

Thanks in advance

@Philox I suggest try using a free VPN and choose UK as the VPN server. If you start getting ads, turn off the VPN service and wait if you start getting ads normally. I know someone who did this and started to get Brave Ads normally after doing what I said even when he’s not using the VPN anymore. Let me know what happens.

Hey @TeotiX and everybody else,
I resolved the issue by going onto Control panel-> Region-> Time Format and set it to English (United Kingdom).
As previously it was set as English (Europe),
Now my ads are working again on my laptop. =D

Hope this helps anybody and can be forwarded to the community as i see this problem occurring many times with people.

Thanks kind regards