Suddenly No Ads on Main Profile

Hi. I started using Brave Nightly cause normal one never showed ads, and it was succesfully working on around 5 days, but then it just stopped showing ads. I tried everything
like uninstall it, delete cache, restart my notebook, nothing changed.
Then I accidentaly created a new profile, and ads started to appear on it, but main profile doesn’t receive even one of.
What should I do?

Hello Louaoi ,

I have the same problem, everything worked fine for 2 days and now I haven’t had any ads for 4 days.
What seems strange to me is that I have the browser on my wife’s pc too and the same thing.

Is this normal? What can I do to get my ads again.

I’ve readed that having Brave in two different devices result in errors like this, but I just use the browser in a laptop so i can’t tell you. It also deppend on wich country you are from, smth related to Brave Campaigns, but it’s absolutely a bug cause it randomly works under certain conditions! So i’m not pretty sure :frowning:
I even tried with, but notiffications like Whatsapp Web and others are appearing, just Brave-Ads fails.

Thank you for your answers.

I also just read that payments can have problems with two browsers.

But currently it is I receive more notifications on neither of the two whereas I had received.

It is special, I hope to find a solution.

If ever I find one I’ll come here to tell you. :smiley:

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It’s mean that brave will stop t give rewards I think. I have the same problem. BRAVE is become FEARFUL, IRRESOLUTE.

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I will notify too, thank you!
Actually I decided to reset all data, I’ve loss all of my 1,290 BATs but ads started to appear. Sad, but hope this won’t happen again and bugs will be fixed soon.

Hi! I don’t think so, but is probabl growing up faster than they expected or smth like that, fails are normal (frustrating for us, anyways), let’s just notify error and hope they fix it. I guess country’s economical circumstances are also an issue.
Expect improves! :slight_smile:

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