No advertisements, no reward

I have been using brave for several months on my two computers (personal and work). Everything has always worked very well and I have always been satisfied!
For two months now I have received neither advertisements nor rewards. I checked my Brave settings, everything is activated (5 / hours), my windows notification settings are also activated! I even tried to re-install brave on my two computers, nothing to do, it will not work !!
I am French and speak very little English, but despite my willingness to search the various Brave Community posts, and translate with google translate, I couldn’t find anything. During my research, I noticed that many people have the same situation as me. Unfortunately no serious answer has ever been given to this problem. Some post goes back several months, this is quite disappointing.
I allow myself to (re) create a post on this subject in the last hope of obtaining an answer and a solution to this problem!
Hoping to have a quick return from Brave!

Thank you in advance !


Same issue

Same timeframe

Same troubleshooting

Same lack of adverts. Frustrating isn’t the word. If no joy by month end I’m moving back to Chrome.


I am having same issue for too many months I’ve lost count! My setting are set correct, but I do not receive ads, maybe 1-2 every week but still no rewards.
And I too have been waiting for someone to help with a solution.
Thank you and blessings.


Brave officially died for many people. It is better to leave and find other income.

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I’ve got the same issue as you guys.
BUT I will stay with Brave. The ads and money is one side. But in my eyes Brave runs smoother and faster than Chrome. I got less issues to deal with…
Still I hope they fix that bug. Maybe they never realized how fast the community grows


If I’m giving up my personal data and foregoing my browsing privacy I expect something in excess of a bog standard browser.

If you’re content giving up your search history for free so they can find you personal ads which they’ve stopped showing to many then that’s your choice.

Don’t think that your personal data will be safe at Google Chrome…

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Same thing. no answer, no troublwshooting.
I think i’m going back to chrome.

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I guess ads will only show up only if you keep using the browser and accessing websites that is related to the ads, it matches your browser’s activity.
If brave only has marketing and crypto related ads and then you keep visiting p*rn sites, then there’s possibility that brave ads will not show on your browser.

Correct me if I’m wrong though.

I agree, Brave mostly has marketing/crypto ads.

Same here. I don’t take Chrome into consideration (it’s closed-source and I don’t trust Google), so my alternative is Firefox, which uses more CPU and RAM on my Windows 10 notebook.

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