No ads showing in Browser

Hi I am having an issue with the Rewards System.
I have set up the Brave browser with the rewards system enabled but I am not getting any ads.
I already checked basic troubleshooting like checking my computer setting to see notifications, tried turning off and on again, checked if there are live campaigns in my country and waited around 1 week but still nothing.
I´m not sure what could be the issue.
Best regards


Are you a new user?

I have used Brave for almost one year, and I will have periods of no ads.

It comes down to whether they’ve a current campaign in your region, and if user metrics support the distribution of an ad to a said user.

Hopefully you’ll get a more fleshed out response.

I would also suggest a search with your issue to see if a thread of recent doesn’t exist already.

Strength in numbers.

i have no ads for almost a month now

If you have substantial personalization in your browser, I would understand not wanting to re-install, but that is an option.

Do you have a sync chain?

A sync chain would allow full back up of settings.

Merely a suggestion.

I’ve had to re-install a few times myself.

Again, a search for an active thread with your issue is also recommended.

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