Brave shows ads but no rewards

Brave has been showing ads since yesterday but it doesn’t give awards anymore, when will these problems be fixed it’s starting to get really boring

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A little more detail would be appreciated.

+1 same thing happening from same time frame.

There is no situation to give details, I already told the ones

Well, good luck with your ad situation.

I added the Brave browser to my phone a few months ago & enabled the maximum # of ads. The ads have been appearing regularly each day but I have not seen a single payout. I did see an estimate of earnings at one point, but the estimate was so low that I didn’t bother perusing it any further. I have attempted so many times & have not ever been able to rectify or even determine the problem that I have pretty much given up on ever seeing anything significant developing in the future.

What are you saying bro?

You’ve been viewing ads for 3 days but no rewards @steeven @Mattches

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my account can’t be flagged because I didn’t do anything for it

same issue with me on pc and mobile both. i am sure i am not flagged because i can see ad. but ad not giving rewards since last 3 days.

these situations are getting very boring now but no one is interested in it

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