(fixed) No ads since yesterday (I checked everything)


Since yesterday’s update I haven’t received any ads.

  1. I live in Belgium and there are currently 15 ads from 6 advertisers
  2. Notifications are on
  3. I forced a push notification to appear and it worked

Can someone help?
@Mattches @steeven


Can you see if you meet any of the conditions in the table at the bottom:

Hey Mattches,
Thank you for your answer. I’ve already checked all the options and everything is ok with these conditions, yet I haven’t got any ads today. Any other advice? :frowning: thank you

Team is working on this its happening to so much people wait for it

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But this is related to rewards, mine is really that I don’t get any ads :\

The same problem , versión 1,23.71 no ads :frowning:

I also have not received any credit for ads, no ads popping up and no credit for background advertisements since yesterday.

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mismo problema ,no tengo anuncios


I also have the same problem, no ads popping up and no credit for background advertisements since yesterday.


Mine just started working again, Seems was 24 hour without. Imagine all the BAT they saved for each person that did not receive ads or funds? wow!

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It seems to be working again for me too, just got my ad !

It seems that after the last update the number of ads has decreased for everyone.

I agree. I started getting ads again but they descreased significantly, no more than 5 ads yesterday and today just 2 so far (and it’s 8pm here).

If you are in Italy, there has been a significant drop. Same thing in Germany.

looks like its a daily failure. two days ago ads stopped completely, then today i get some, I had ads for about 5 hours then they all stopped again. Is there a maximum allowed per day? who is controlling them and shutting them off?

i think the max you can get in a day is 12. but they have to be relevant to you. i havent received any ads in a month dont really know when ill see them again. but my android still getting them so it is what it is i guess.

Basically, yes, but it may vary.

go figure…

That doesnt sound right if you are supposed to get 5 per hour then technically you could receive 120 a day. Would love some clarification.

You are not “supposed” to get 5 ads per hour but you might and that’s a maximum if you do. Check this I do not receive 5 ads per hour

I live in Belgium but it must be the same as Italy and Germany. I still have to see one ad today :confused: