Successfully verified two different wallet (android + win) but only one wallet is reporting to Uphold

I’ll make it simple,
I use both the android browser and the windows browser.

Both are verified successfully (used the option to verify my android browser when you already have X amount of BAT in uphold)

The Windows wallet still shows the same amount as Uphold BEFORE the verification (about 18), and Uphold reports the same.

Meanwhile, the android browser shows the total balance (PC+ android) (about 30), which SHOULD also be my uphold balance.

I got in touch with Uphold support but they told me that it had nothing to do with them and that I had to get in touch With Brave. I scoured the internet, filled with similar issues but none were the same and no answer fitted with my problem.

The monthly rewards work the same way:
Android balance = Previous amount + Win rewards + Android rewards
Win = Uphold = Previous Win amount + Win rewards

Accessing my Uphold account via the Android browser shows the same as opening it up from windows

Any help on the subject would be appreciated!

some screenshots just in case that may help



seems that your android browser is not sending the bat to your Uphold account.

go to brave://rewards-internals an look at the “external wallet” info

how many wallets have you verified using the same Uphold account?

Both external wallet addresses are the same (comparing from the two different devices)

The only thing that is different is the wallet payment ID, the total balance (30 vs 18)

Something else interesting is the ‘maintain wallet’ (‘maintenir le portefeuille’ in french) that shows 18ish on both platforms and is my actual uphold balance

Including the first time I used brave, a few years ago (not even sure there was uphold and all), my android wallet should be my third if not second

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