Streaming to Chromecast issue, minimized window

Alright I’ve a very specific issue. Whenever I stream to Chromecast and I minimize Brave, my streaming gets messed up. Never an issue when it’s maximized. What gives? Is it a flags setting?

@sockergris Can you do a favor and be a bit more descriptive of your issue? “My streaming gets messed up” could mean it stops working, it starts to stutter, sound stops, or any number of things.

Also, what are you casting and where are you casting from? I want to make sure you’re using the media router from Brave and not an extension or other program. In addition, before you cast, you get to choose if you’re going to Cast Tab or Cast Screen. I disliked the Cast Tab one because it’s highly limited and will always use Cast Screen. Kind of am curious if that might be your issue.

Lastly, whenever you post for support with the browser, it’s helpful that you always advise:

  • Which version of Brave you’re using

  • Which OS (Yes, you put Windows, but is it Windows 7/8/10/11?)

Yes, I’m sorry. Streaming audio from Win11 and the latest and greatest stable from Brave, to Chromecast. Cast tab/audio doesn’t make a diff, still gets mangled up. I’m thinking it could be an energy saving feature from either Brave or Win.

Edit: I’m streaming from beta, but they’ve the same issues.

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