Casting issues (attempted fix didn't work)

I haven’t been able to get casting working even after attempting the workaround posted on various threads in this forum. So in particular I have the following flag settings:

Load Media Router Component Extension - Enabled
Views Cast dialog - Disabled

I’ve also tried toggling Views Cast dialog to Enabled to see if that works (as advised in these forums) and that still didn’t work. Reseting the PC didn’t help. My casting devices are not detected. I have a chromecast, as well as a lenovo smart display. Using Windows 10 Pro. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.


Having the same issue. Devices found on my other Win 10 computer, so I do not believe its a Chromecast device or network issue.

Same issue, followed instructions on here but nothing worked. Running latest version of brave, have a chromecast device that works fine with chrome but not brave.

@aurieg (or anyone in this thread), are you by chance connected to a VPN? Also, do you have any extensions installed?

No VPN and no extensions installed.

Can you describe to me what happens when you attempt to cast? Is it simply not finding your devices, or are they found but any attempts to cast to the devices fail? If so, are there any error messages displayed?

It is not finding any devices to cast to.

Can you try enable/disabling the following flags as shown in the image below? Let me know if this configuration makes a difference in the behavior:

I have these exact settings now. No difference.

Same problem here. I moved from Chrome to Brave on two desktop PCs and a laptop (MS Surface Pro 4), all Windows 10 pro. Using the flags workarounds it now works fine on the two PCs, which find all 4 devices, but the laptop doesn’t find any devices.

All computers run the same software.

@dlorde @aurieg,

  • Do either of you have any extensions installed in Brave? If so, can you try with extensions disabled/tell me which ones you have installed?
  • Are you connecting through a VPN of any kind?

I’m using a couple of extensions on the laptop that can’t find cast devices, but I use all the same extensions (and more) on the two PCs that can find the devices…

JFYI, I’m using Bitwarden and Toby on the laptop, and when I disable them it still can’t see the cast devices, although it can see other computers and printers on the network.

I don’t have a VPN running.

No extensions and no VPN. Chrome browser casts fine from the same computer, brave does not see any devices at all.

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