Stop adding thumbs to home page


I would think most savvy web users do one of a couple things for websites they’d like to revisit or recover accidentally closed tabs. I doubt many of them would cite blindly adding a thumbnail to the otherwise beautiful home page for any website they visit.

If I have a site I visit often, I bookmark it so it’s convenient in the Bookmarks Bar.
If I inadvertently close a random site then need to return to it, I restore closed tab OR visit History.
What I NEVER want is for my browser to decide that I’m going to get bookmarks glomming up my home page with every site I sign in to whether I want it or not.

I would think this would also add headaches for the dev team. Looking through the forums, I see several people complaining that their private sessions are getting thumbs added. No bueno.

PLEASE give users the power to decide whether bookmarks get added to the Brave home page. This seems like a no-brainer option to me but it appears other threads on this issue simply don’t get responded to. Not sure why this would be so near-and-dear to Brave dev’s hearts.


I agree.

I like those thumbs on the home page, but I would like to decide what goes there. I’ve tried deleting ones I don’t want, then opening a new window to a site I DO want, but alas it doesn’t work.


Having just opened Brave and found myself deleting all of those from my homepage, I came here looking for some way to turn that feature OFF as I could not find anything about it in settings. So… I’m with the users above. I dislike that feature. My only interaction with it has been to delete them and it happens every time I open the browser for the 1st time, ergo, it get’s old quick.


As well when mousing over them it causes the page to flicker!
Terrible on the eyes in the dark…
Mentioned this as a bug - nobody ever replied to it.
So I have switched to using Momentum extension - just so I never have to have this issue EVER again!


@ rgnkjnva
I totally agree and in the older version you could at least just have your new tab open as just blank pages. But it would be great to be able to turn off the thumbs, oh and have the browser clear history on close(that option is no longer available) in Brave - Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit). you have to clear the history manually now



I love Brave overall but I have detested not being able to either customize or just turn off this feature from day one. Please, either give us a way to control what is shown in the thumbs or hide them.