Annoyed by Dashboard

The main screen Dashboard & Thumbnails are pissing me off. I’ve to remove thumbnails manually everytime, TBH I like my homescreen clean and in the 0.56.14 build, there is no option to remove it. Every new tab, and it comes up. I want it to be clean. How can I remove it?


We’re working on this, see this thread for more information and useful links:

If you’d like to download/use our Developer build, we’ve fixed our issue which blocked users from using new tab page extensions - so if you don’t want to wait for our own design changes to the new tab page (or don’t want to do them yourself). This may at least temporarily resolve your issues:

Actually, I was thinking of doing it by myself. Just pulling the chromium source rn.
I dunno much about developing but I’ll mess around and see.
If you can guide me with UI changes, do help me.

You’ll want to start with the Wiki on Github:

You can find build instructions for your platform there. Check the side bar for additional styling and UI information.

I totally “second” this dissatisfaction. Whenever clicking on the “+” tab to open a new tab, I absolutely insist on a blank page being presented, until after I enter a web address and press Enter. I simply cannot accept any of my browsing history showing up, nor my favorites bar showing up at the top of the screen, either.

This new browser gives me no option whatsoever to disable these when opening new tabs.

So, as a temporary measure (within an hour or two after trying this latest version a week ago), I did the following:

  1. Completely uninstalled Brave
  2. Deleted the Brave folder directories on my PC in [AppData\Local] and [AppData\Roaming]
  3. Rebooted
  4. Went to the website Filehorse and downloaded Brave Version 0.25.2 (64-bit) at
  5. Installed this browser version
  6. Reconfigured all my preferred browser settings from scratch
  7. Copied and pasted my Brave Wallet key into Brave Payments (from a text file I’d saved on my PC a long time ago)
  8. Moved the Brave 0.25.2 installation .exe file to a setup file archive on my PC, in case I ever need it again

So until a future official release has the option to totally disable the favorites bar and history from showing up when opening a new tab, then I’ll be sticking with Version 0.25.2 for many months to come, or longer. Happy tweaking.


I also find these random images to be less that useful, and I already had it set up to not have the icons for sites I visited, since I already have bookmarks.

So not being able to disable these annoyances keeps me preferring to use .25.

I strongly agree with this dissatisfaction.

It’s not acceptable to me to have my browsing history “recent favorites” icons/favicons forcibly displayed on tabs that ought to be completely BLANK. (At least the user should have the option to turn such behavior on/off.)


Closed in favor of updated “master” thread: