Stop auto-adding thumbnails (bookmarks) to new tabs

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a huge Brave fan, but I can’t believe this is still a thing. Forcing new thumbnails on every new tab for EVERY single “new” site I go to - even ones I already have bookmarked - is extremely annoying. I can’t imagine why this seemed to make sense to anyone at the time. Please get rid of it.

Are you talking about Top Sites? You can disable Top Sites display by clicking “…” to the right of the sites displayed or in the Customize Dashboard. You can also curate what is displayed yourself by using the Favorites option. That is what I do.


@joeschmo Do you have sync turned on?

Yes, that was it, thanks very much. Foolish of me not to have seen that! Appreciate it. (PS: the word “s tupid” is banned? Seriously? Well it was still stoopid of me lol)

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