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Hi! I’ve just download Brave to try but I cannot work out how to add favorite sites to the Home Page as thumbnails. When I first downloaded Brave it show about 4 boxes (Thumbnails) which I removed. How do I add a website as a Thumbnail on the Home Page?



Hi @michaelinthecloud,
Is this for desktop or Android or iOS?

For desktop and Android, there’s no way to customize/edit/add thumbnail to New Tab Page yet. It’s populated based on your browsing history.



Yes, this topic appears to gain a number of curious followers then closes out after 60 days. LOL
Here in Feb 2019, a number of us still desire this feature. I just jumped ship from Chrome on Win 10 because of the incessant slide-out notifications that wouldn’t stop from arbitrary sites that must’ve been cousins to wherever I visited recently. Garbage! My mind can’t process the stupid suggestions to lose weight or whatever “checkmyspeednow” throws at me , so trying Brave was definitely a step in the right direction. I digress.

Yes, why? A breeze to remove thumbnails, NO solution for adding. Seems bizarre from an intuitive standpoint. This reminds me of IE functionality around 2009, Just maintains the most recent sites visited. Nothing original here.

Someone mentioned in another dead topic Opera’s Speed Dial feature. I may be headed over there next. Oh well. :confused: 2019-02-13.



I would like to control the top sites and I would like more top sites than 6, say 12.


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