Few serious annoyances with Brave

I gave it a try yesterday and while I generally really like it because it’s so privacy focused and loaded with features for that, so I don’t even need to add extra extensions for it, but few things really bother me and I couldn’t find anything on it.

  • Close whole browser on last closed tab. Can we please get a setting for this as it’s INCREDIBLY annoying “feature” which only Opera is still bravely resisting, everyone else followed it like idiots because Chrome is doing this nonsense. I don’t want browser to close just because I closed down all the tabs. I just wanted to get rid of them while continuing to browse. Instead I need to specifically leave the last one open. Really annoying.

  • Start page on desktop lists few adblocking statistics, wallpaper and continuous adding of webpages I’ve used. WHY? I don’t want it to list freaking browsing history on the first bloody page. Couldn’t find any setting to get rid of it or replace it with a webpage of choice so DuckDuckGo search engine would open as default start page. Or even just a blank page.

  • Brave on iOS is unable to access ANY bookmarks under Other Bookmarks section. It’s just not even listed or accessible on the phone, but on Windows, I have bookmarks in there. How does that even work that Other Bookmarks are just entirely excluded from iOS mobile version?

  • No syncing indicator. Would be nice to know when it’s syncing and the progress it has made. I know Sync is still in Beta at the moment, but would be nice if someone paid attention to this. Syncing animation would be a start, but would prefer if it was actual % progress indicator so you know the true status of the bookmarks syncing.

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As to your second point, you can change the start page to one or multiple pages as you like.
Go to brave://settings/ and scroll down until you see this menu, then “add a new page” or “use current webpages” or whatever it says in English:

The problem persists though for new tabs you open while browsing. A new tab will still display the annoying browsing history. As far as I can remember, I think they said they plan on giving us the option to stop that from being displayed but it hasn’t been changed on Nightly yet so it’ll probably still take a while.

Ok, no it’s actually the reverse. I can change the “home page”, it’s the NEW TAB that always has this stuff. Either way, it’s really annoying and would prefer if Home and New Tab could be the same. Or just have a blank New Tab. Shouldn’t require too much work to do it imo…

Yeah, that’s what I said.

Did this omission of a TOP MENU get fixed yet? I use DESKTOP/LAPTOP and was so annoyed with NEWBrave’s not having the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) that I uninstalled NEWBrave and went back to OLDBrave… Now I get a WARNING(!!!) that I can only use OLDBrave for nine more days… So, will it disappear? Well, if NEWBrave has not been fixed, AIN’T GONNA USE IT. Has the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) been restored?