Still seeing google ads in IOS with Brave VPN

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Type of device (iPhone 13 Pro):

iOS version ( 15.1.1 (19B81) ):

Detailed description of the behavior:

I’m still seeing google and other ads on webpages. I’m unsure how much more is needed. This occurs even when not on wireless (pihole.)

In some cases the ad object loads, but the ad itself doesn’t.

Please let me know what more we need.

I checked the website on the desktop. It has a blank advertisement window on it.

I checked the website on the desktop app. If you scroll down on an article, an X appears on the bottom right. Not sure if this is related to where to the ads appear.

The iOS app and the desktop are functionally different in how they work.

I’ll investigate, see what can be blocked in the ios app. Will update this thread. The ads would show regardless of the VPN

Looking at the ads and trackers, similar to what we’re blocking on Brave desktop with 2 exceptions;

  1. cosmetics not implemented on ioS (so empty spaces and bottom/side/top ad boxes)
  2. We block many of the invideo advertising on desktop, not blocked on ios yet.

Regarding invideo advertising, investigating fixes for this on ios.

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