YouTube ads are not blocked

YouTube ads are not blocked since yesterday. Please improve.


What version of Brave are you currently running? What OS?

Could you try refreshing Youtube and let me know if ads are still appearing? You can also disable shields and enable shields (which will cause a refresh).

Thank you

Hi there, not OP but I stumbled by due to the same issue with pre-roll video ads on Youtube that started a couple days ago.

Problem device I’m on iPadOS 16.1.1
And Brave Version was 1.45 (

While typing I realized I hadn’t verified I was on the latest on my ipad, but my phone was not having the issue…

I have just updated to Version 1.45.1 ( and, so far, I haven’t seen an ad while trying some random videos on ‘Trending.’

Oddly enough my phone (iOS 16.1) is still on 1.44.1 and isn’t showing ads.

The iPad directs to the normal desktop domain and the phone to subdomain, but choosing desktop mode on the phone didn’t change the behavior, still no ads even on that version. I’ve messed up by updating Brave on my phone to the latest before testing the older build on iOS 16.1.1, but hopefully some of this can help!

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Thank you very much for this detailed information.

I have sent this info over to the relevant team.

Thanks again!

Thanks for answering on my behalf.

I was using iPhone iOS 16.1.1 and Brave “1.45”.
I just updated to Brave “1.45.1” and now it blocks YouTube ads.
Thank you very much.

Hi! I’m using Windows 10 Pro version 22H2, OS build 19045.2251, and the latest version of Brave Browser, v1.46.133 (Dec 1, 2022).
For the first time ever, I saw a midroll ad on a YouTube video, to be more specific, There’s no ‘skip’ button, no link to the advertiser.
Let me know if you need any extra info if this happens again.
Thanks in advance!

There was a second ad right after that one, also not skippable.

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