Brave Browser on IOS not stopping ADS at all

Hi, I switched over to Brave quite recently on my MacBook and Windows laptops, and all work amazingly, I mean the amount of time I’ve saved not having to watch YouTube ads alone is mind boggling.

The issue im have is that I wanted the same on my iPad Pro and iPhone, I downloaded the browser from the App Store, installed great, I setup Sync which worked like a dream but no ads are being blocked, in fact im getting more ads than id usually get if I had been using Safari, add blocking is switched on, I have reinstalled, and tried on my other devices I no longer use which also has this same issue. Does the IOS version work differently to the MACOS and Windows version at all? as I know Apple can lock down more on their mobile devices so didn’t know if it was an Apple thing/user Error(probably)/or functionality isn’t as good on mobile devices.

Any ideas?

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