Still problems with losing *everything* with new brave

I originally reported the problem in December of suddenly losing everything.
At that time I was able to revert back to the old Brave. A few days ago, I did an update to Ubuntu and Brave started acting fresh again.
I reviewed your instructions at the bottom of the link,

Your answer is gibberish.
Its no use to me.
It is not consistent with what I see on the screen.
You talk about Brave Muon vs. some other type of Brave. Which is it!!! Which one is the one I just update to and which was the old one? Let’s get our words straight before we even begin!

Second of all, I don’t see on the screen what you are showing in your instructions.
On Bookmarks → Import Bookmarks and Settings →
I have a dialog box titled Import Bookmarks and settings.
There is a dropdown box with only one entry “Bookmarks HTML File”
Your instructions say: 2. Before you import, check the boxes for the data you’d like to transfer but ensure that the Bookmarks option is NOT checked .

I can un-check that ONE item: Favorites/Bookmarks. Now the “Choose File” click button is non-clickable.
Even if I do select Bookmarks, and do click “choose file”, what do I select? What? What, pray tell! What is the file name? What folder is it in? Please, be specific with your instructions.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. But I think we can get this all sorted out as long as you’re willing to answer a few questions and work with me (and the rest of Community!) in troubleshooting this issue.
First, I would like to make sure we’re on the same page on a few things with respect to terminology and process:

Brave Muon - this is the “old Brave” that you had initially, before being upgraded in December. It looks like this:

We refer to it as “Muon” as that is the name of the engine used to drive it. Kind of a “project name”. Brave Muon is now depreciated (that is, no longer officially supported or updated) for several reasons, many announced earlier in Spring of last year.

Brave Core - this is the “new Brave” that you’re likely using right now (if you’re still with us! :slight_smile: ) and it looks like this:

It uses the open source Chromium Project engine, a very popular and efficient browser engine. We refer to it as “Brave Core” and it is several times faster and more effective than the previous Brave (Muon).
(Let me know in youre if you’d like to learn more about this aspect of Brave’s transition and I’d be happy to discuss it with you at length.)

This was the auto-upgrade that you received in December, prompting your initial post here in Community (assuming I’m understanding you correctly, please correct me if I’m wrong).
We posted a help document here on Community (which you referenced earlier) that detailed the basic process in which the update was supposed to go through as well as troubleshooting steps for users who had encountered problems during this process. At the top of the article:

This is what should have happened and (at least initially, as I’m not sure what steps have been taken since then) in all likelihood did happen. Reading further down:

This will be our first step to find your data. You’ve added the Linux tag to your post so I’m assuming you’re still using Ubuntu. Navigate to the ./config/ directory on your machine. Here, there should be at least one of two Brave related directories here:
.config/brave - Contains files and data from Brave Muon (Old).
.config/BraveSoftware Contains files and data from Brave Core (New).

If you’re looking for your old bookmarks and browsing data from the Brave Muon installation you had before being auto-updated in December, open the ./config/brave folder and look for a file called Session-store-1:
This file holds the majority of your browsing data, bookmarks, and saved passwords/login credentials. In the .config/brave directory, type cat session-store-1 into the terminal and hit enter to view the contents.

When you view the contents of this file, it will look very mixed and unformatted, but you should be able to identify some of your bookmarks or browsing information within the block of text:

Now, hopefully we are on the same page here at this point.

Please confirm for me whether or not you see your bookmarks or other relevant browsing data in the contents of your session-store-1 file.

We can determine the next best steps based on your findings. Again, if I’m misunderstanding your situation in anyway please let me know and if anything is unclear or you have further questions about anything mentioned so far please don’t hesitate to ask.

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