Questions about Auto-Contribute in Brave Rewards


Regarding to Auto-Contribute and the Wallet:

  1. If at the contribution date I have no BAT in my wallet, is setting up “Monthly Payment” or “Supported sites” relevant? I mean, the contributions to publishers only come from users’ wallets? Or Brave can deliver to creators BATs from the UGP?

  2. What happens if at the contribution date I have BAT but they were got from different ways?
    For example:

  • Grants: (those that Brave gives me to donate creators and have an expiration date).
  • BAT collected by the referral program.
  • BAT received as tips by those who consume my contents.
    When the date of the automatic contribution arrives, in what order these BATs are used?
  1. In the wallet there is a combo which makes me suppose that the wallet keeps the balances separated according to their origin (grants, referral, tips). Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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