SS34: smart auto quit mode - multiple brave profiles

Suggestion (SS) : 34 Classification : QUIT
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 3-4 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

i already use different quit apps to manage my 9000 mac apps. i use it for brave too, but there is a problem. i can only tell quit after 10minutes, or 60 minutes or…

if now i have 40 brave profiles, i wish i could set quit after 10minutes for profile 1, 30minute for 2, never quit with profile x… if 2 profile are active (example 10 and 30 minutes) you use 30minutes.

would be a much better way to control ram, cpu.

already macos quit app feature is HUGE limited, and apple has no idea to improve it.

maybe brave can help


another option is to only quit profiles without quit brave app or a smart way to switch profile, like keep only 1 profile each time: if i launch a new one, close the other.