For Mac Users - Holding Q to Quit


Hi Brave,

Personally, I really liked the Chrome-ish update for the new Brave Browser (since I’ve been a Chrome user). I switched from Chrome to Brave because I am digging into the Web 3.0 stuff.

I am operating on Mac so would suggest Brave adding the “Holding Q to Quit” function. On Mac, you press command (⌘) + Q to quit a program, but there are sometimes people just accidentally quit the wrong program when multi-tasking. The latest Chrome update enforced users to press ⌘ and HOLD Q when quitting a program. I think this is a nice UX move. Would like to see this in Brave too. It will save a lot of troubles.

Great work Brave. Keep it coming. :slight_smile:



That option should be available soon:


Great to hear!! Looking for the next update