Quit brave when clicking x in Mac


I want Brave to automatically quit when I press ‘x’ on my mac.

What happens when I click ‘x’ is the brave window closes but brave does not quit. It is still present in the dock with a small black dot underneath it which means that brave is still open.

How can I make it such that brave completely closes (i.e. brave quits completely) when I press ‘x’ on my mac?

I’ve searched for an answer but could not find anything that specifically answered this question.

Thank You

I think this is a common behavior for apps on macOS?

You can Cmd+Q to quit Brave.

Is there a way to make it such that when we click x on the top Brave quits?

I know we can quit brave by pressing Cmd +Q or choosing quit from the Brave menu.

But why does it remain open after we press x? Why doesn’t it close completely?

towards the end there’s maybe a solution to get a windows like behavior or workaround. But you aren’t going to get that behavior from apple.

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Okay, so I understand that it is a Mac behaviour and not something that Brave is doing.

Guess we cannot do anything about it then.

Yes, this is unfortunately the case. However, what might be a reasonable workaround for you is using the cmd + Q shortcut to Quit the browser immediately.

To ensure it happens right away when pressed, you can also adjust whether or not you need to hold down Q in order to quit the browser, or if just pressing it is enough:

Thank you for taking the time to respond at such a fast rate. I am trying to get used to Cmd Q.

Brave support from the community is top notch. I’m glad I ditched the data hungry Chrome.

Thanks for making such a fantastic product.