Spellcheck problem

I think the spellcheck comes from Brave, right ?
So Brave doesn’t know the word " rumour " even here it is not recognized.
Any thoughts?

Go to brave://settings/languages and add English (United Kingdom) using the Add languages option. After you enable the language, make sure you enable spell check support for it, it will appear as an option under Use spell check for category.

Everything was installed.
I just didn’t realize the USA spells it as rumor. but also didn’t try to correct it, it showed as wrong and it gave me other stuff instead or “rumor”.

Strange I have two English’s here.

The default/general (I don’t know how to call it) English over there doesn’t have its own dictionary. You have to manually configure English (United States) for American English spelling, and English (United Kingdom) for British English spelling.

From your screenshot above, you have disabled the spell check functionality for English (United States), that’s the reason you weren’t corrected.

Actually it does spell checking otherwise it wouldn’t show underlined and offering suggestions, just not the right ones. (as picture above shows)

I’m not even sure why you’re able to enable spell checking for that English, my installation doesn’t allow it, and understandably I don’t get the spell checking functionality for it. The spell checking functionality disables itself when I remove English (United States) from the list.

What happens when you write “roumor” and not on the british spell?
What are the suggestions for correction?


I don’t know.
Too many English to chose from. British USA Canadian.
You have two english checked too USA and plain, but you don’t get the "use spell check for " option.
I can even have the use spellcheck on without picking a language. That makes no sense eaither.
Would be nice if someone sorted this out.

roumor rumor rouumor

This way it doesn’t check, just shows how things don’t work together, but independently even when they are related.

Even when I have the USA checked it will not give me the “rumor” suggestion.
So when I have it on USA it says no good, but doesn’t give me the right suggestion.
When the pain, it says no good and it doesn’t give me the right suggestion.

Your configuration looks good to me. I believe the issue is hidden somewhere else.

The “Google Translate” option from the screenshot above is supposedly from the “Google Translate” extension. Disable the extension for a moment and re-test. If the outcome is the same, you could try with a fresh user profile, there is something that prevents Brave’s spell check’s functionality.

Creating a new user profile:

Tried it, no change, same suggestions.
I leave it at this, this is a recent setup(new computer), 2 months ago, maybe I try my old one too.

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