Something went wrong (Claim Rewards)

I can’t claim my rewards on my devices

I’m tried with my wallet verified and not verified

What error occurs when you try to verify?
What is your Brave version?
Android version?
@SaltyBanana you might wanna note this. Thanks.

The error is the one printed. My uphold is already verified.

Device: Xiaomi 11 ultra

If i click on the blue button, it’s enter an eternal loop

Hi @Sekeye welcome to Community,

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  1. Can you kindly confirm if you have been able to successfully claim rewards in the past?
  2. Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

1 - Yes, I have managed to get rewards in the past 2 - Safetynet app print

@Sekeye are you running a custom ROM?

What’s rom? Like others apks? Modded ones?

Basically. ROM = Read Only Memory, but it’s referencing Android. So if you replaced native Android with something else. Like a modded Android or de-googled Android.

It’s one of the main reasons why there tends to be why devices fail the CTS profile match. Keep in mind that phone has to pass SafetyNet in order for you to be able to receive Rewards. So if it’s failing, would be why you aren’t getting the BAT.

Oh thanks for the explanation. I think I understand what could have gone wrong then. Some modded apks I own have changed system settings

I uninstalled all of the apks modded and didn’t work yet

@Sekeye Let me rephrase. If yours a normal phone with default Android? And do you have Play Store on it?

If you need more explanations, you can see links below:

That said, also things like having a rooted device is same way. Doesn’t necessarily work.

Anyway, just was advising what I saw as one of the potential issues on what you failed. And also letting you know that until you pass SafetyNet, won’t be able to claim Rewards. Anything beyond that, will have to wait until Support comes back after the weekend to see if they can offer any additional assistance.

My cell phone runs normal android, it’s not rom

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Ok, so might be something else. Just not sure. Only mentioned one theory your way. Hopefully SaltyBanana or others can help when they return Monday. Until then, likely will only be other Users who might respond with ideas.

Okay thanks for all the help untill now, have a good day

@Saoiray is it possible that it’s because his is MIUI or something?
Like I myself use MIUI and haven’t had this problem yet but that’s the only thing I noticed.

you probably forgot a step while rooting your phone lol ahahaha

PS: rooting your phone destroys the chances of claiming your rewards

I never rooted any phone

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