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When i try to claim my rewards, It’s showing every time like this.
Oops, Something is wrong, Please try again later

I am having same issue…

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does your device pass the SafetyNet Checker from google play ?

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Yes. Everything is fine

More having same issue…

Same issue for me. And all my safety checks came back clean. I’m on a samsung galaxy s8 if it matters.

Brave needs to work on their error handling to throw more meaningful errors, theres more going on here then failing safety net check for this error

Agreed. So that day I posted my comment when I got home I tried again and this time I just got a twirling circle with no end. Could hours later. back to the same issue. This is pretty much the reason to use brave and if it’s not working they are better browsers.

I fixed this problem

Please share how you fixed it, I’m sure many here would appreciate that


You was right, this problem for safetynet for rooted users or this person who Installed Other ROM. For my reasons Both of.
How how i Fixed it ?

  1. First I Installed SafetyNet (Bypass) File.
  2. Hide Magisk manager
  3. Allowed to access hide Magisk from Brave
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