Cannot claim Brave Rewards on Android device


I am trying to claim my rewards through the android version of the browser, but I always get an error as you can see from the photos.
Could you please advise if there is a solution?
I am on the latest version of the app.

Thank you very much!

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Yea having the same issues as well,

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Same issue. Any suggestion?

Hi @Giamal, try running a SafetyNet test on your Android.

i also had the exact same issue , turns out to be ,my device was failing SafetyNet test , because I had installed custom rom

Thank you for your responses. Indeed, my device (Xiaomi mi 8) fails the CTS profile match at safetynet test. The device is as purchased, stock official ROM, unrooted etc… Probably it fails because it has unlocked bootloader (?).

Anyway, brave should inform the user about the cause of the “claim rewards” error…

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Hi @Giamal, I am sorry to hear that.

Xiaomi seems problematic for many trying to pass CTS check. Your mi 8 is likely China ROM then, as global versions can (usually) pass all right (*people run the risk of getting non-global/ rooted when buying online from places like ebay, amazon, etc.).
There are a few helpful forums discussing this issue that I’ve come across, during my search.

I really hope there’s a better way to get this resolved :confused:


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Try using magisk and enable magisk hide + magiskhide props config module , to pass the SafetyNet check ,if u have custom rom installed, and thn try claiming again @saereV @Giamal , absence of Google services can also lead to not passing safetyNet check ,I’m not sure tho

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