Lost my BAT rewards for no reason

I have my brave browser set for almost a month on my phone, I’ve been getting around 68 ads since the beginning of the month, and I had around 70 cents usd. Today I logged in to see I don’t have any of these anymore and I only got 2 ads and the BAT I had received is not there anymore? It’s my first month on Brave browser and I love it, the browser is awesome and I’ll keep using it.

However, why did I lose my rewards? Can someone fill me in, please?

Thank you!

Other uses have said making sure you are up to date on the most current edition helps with the loss of showing the BAT. As for the ads, I believe they just reset because it is now the start of the new month. Payout is coming up on the 5th. So the 68 ads you saw for April should be paid out within a few days to a week after the 5th.

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