Some sites are not working


I love brave browser and would like to use more but i encounter some problems on some sites like paypal.

I got an invoice to my mail and i clicked the link and opened the paypal invoice, when i clicked on the pay now button, paypal prompted me, there is a problem occured.

But when i open that mail and link on safari, click on the pay now button, there is no error, i completed the payment.

Also i encountered a problem on a site that need verification on email they sent. I opened up email clicked the link, and it always shows that the verify link is invalid or outdated. but when i copy and open on safari it completes the verification.

This happens all the time.

I use Mac OS Mojave

Hope we can have a solution on these problems.


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I am also having this problem. I selected “shields down” for the site and it still gave me the error. I opened it in Safari and was able to login to my account just fine.

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