Paypal login now broken


been using brave for a year or so, generally been fine.

however in the last week or so i have this issue with paypal. When a site forwards me to paypal it just gets… stuck.

Now if i click on the settings icon in the address bar and delete all cookies and site data associated with paypal it works.

Till next time…

Why has this started happening?

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Still having this problem

Well, @dsandoreo you provided no details really. I know if I go to paypal, I’m able to login. I haven’t tried making purchases through other sites using paypal, but shouldn’t be an issue.

You do see you left the whole template empty, which I guess is okay because you should have put this under Web Compatibility which would have asked you slightly different questions.

But things to know would be:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What site or sites are you experiencing this on/

  • Have you noticed if turning off Shields makes a difference?

  • Does this also happen on Chrome?

  • Does it happen on a private window?

  • Are you using extensions?

ah apologies if i posted in the wrong place:

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • What site or sites are you experiencing this on/
    Any site that i am trying to use paypal as a payment method and paypal

  • Have you noticed if turning off Shields makes a difference?
    no difference

  • Does this also happen on Chrome?

  • Does it happen on a private window?

  • Are you using extensions?
    1 - prolific extensions, has worked whilst it has been installed.

Just a FYI, this does suggest it might be an extension. Would be worth trying by disabling and/or removing the extension you have.

I understand it worked before. As browsers and extensions get updated, things can go wrong. There have been instances where extension code interferes and the devs for the extension have to make some minor modifications to align with the browser update.


Good point didnt anticipate the interaction with extensions.

so uninstalled the extensions.
restarted brave

went to login, just had loading screen.
Cleared all site data and cookies

reloaded page and it appeared.

logged in

Logged out
went to login…

just got loading screen again (spinning circle…) this is very odd

so the plot thickens… it is the css element with class .spinner or .mask that seems to be the problem. If i go into inspector and set display none then i have access to the following html :

Log in to PayPal

[email protected][Change] (

Log in with a Passkey

Use password instead

these elements i can interact with.

i have tried clearing all site data for paypal and reset permissions etc

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