Some news sites treat Brave as a normal browser and display half window sized "remove ad blocker" message

Description of the issue:
Some news sites treat Brave as a normal browser and display half window sized “remove ad blocker” message

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. From your phone goto for example : Enter
  2. Or simply go to the site in picture.
  3. Browse on site.

Expected result:

You will see lower (almost) half of the screen will be reserved to display the message. The rest of the screen is not even enough to read the news.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

Huawei Mate 8

Additional Information:

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Or they have a cookie warning that big… or something else… :frowning:
Bottom line: we should have controls that we don’t need to go through several menus to get to… JavaScript, stylesheets, images.

There is usually a way to close t\hose type of nag screens. Maybe refresh the page, look for a small ‘x’ in a box, follow a link to a different page.

Or, you can do what I do. If a site is troublesome, you can usually ask for help or complain to the default admin contact email, admin@. Like, But don’t expext a response, unless you’re exceptionally rude and presumptuous.

But don’t use it for tech-support. Many web admins implement simple, cheap, and effective ways to limit access to non-mischievous humans only. Everyone’s happy until the admin figures out that simple, cheap and effective translates to losing 10% of legitimate traffic.

So if the site is annoying users, just objectively describe what you see, how it affects your use of the site, any satirical ironies that fit (i.e., an online-privacy blog that blocks VPN server IPs).

The problem is usually corrected shortly.

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I have found that if you open the Brave Shields (Red Lion on address bar) and toggle the scripts blocked it will remove the nag screen. In some cases you may have to continue blocking scripts. This will reduce some functions.

Yea, remember the pop-up windows of yesteryear? We eventually prevailed over those. You could close those too, but man were they annoying… This is the modern version I guess…


Yeah, that seems to work like magic. I pointed out the irony in a particular welcome message in a chat a while ago – the functionality of those welcome messages was changed in under 2 minutes. :slight_smile: It really gets to them. :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes that works. Most of the time, I do the opposite: block scripts globally, and enable on particular page through lion if necessary – it speeds things up. If we could easily turn off images it would speed things up even more!

Some of those annoyances are implemented through styles though, and there’s no easy way to disable that in Brave.

Also notice the number of movements you have to make to “toggle scripts”: just counting the taps, it takes 3 (lion, advanced controls, block scripts), but there are movements in addition to that – the taps are not on a single spot on the screen. It all adds up over time. :frowning:

My recent suggestion for redesign of top toolbar.

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