Annoying ads on my favorite news website

Most of the time Brave browser was blocking all annoying commercial banners and ads. Sometimes on the site appear specific commercial bars and columns. The site might be using something that bypasses your Browser blocking measures. I need you to investigate and find the solution. I’ll never let commercials to ruin the look of the site. I don’t care about businessmen means of earning. They shouldn’t get paid for showing crap. This should be universal axiom.


Screenshot of the site

The Issue present with default Shields settings. Yes.

The site functions differently when shields are turned off. More commercial banners columns appear. Commercials become different. These specific commercials in the screenshot appear when shields are ON.

There are no of any specific shields configurations that would cause the site to break. No.

The site works even more aggressively using commercial banners on Google Chrome browser. I use there AdBlock Plus and AdNauseam blockers. But it doesn’t block those commercial banners too. Main parasitic banner is placed on the center of the screen and is showing up whenever I scroll down website paragraph text down.

My Brave version is: Version 1.1.20 Chromium: 79.0.3945.74 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Their ads appear visually.

If you activate the Adguard base under the Ads category from the filter settings of the link extension, it blocks the ad.

Extensions like Adblock, Adblock plus are pretty bad. I highly recommend the Nano adblocker & defender duo. You can use it until the Brave ad blocker is fixed.

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Thank you. That helped. I have found in filters Ads 5/5 and selected all five. Then restarted the browser and the site doesn’t show those adds. Only the lower part commercial was showing up. But I have blocked it by right clicking and using sub-menu command “Block element…”.

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