Annoying ad blocking message

When I open website I get this annoying message that started to appear on more and more webistes in the last few weeks.

How to disable this message from appearing?

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Could you try disabling brave shield’s script blocking feature for this particular website and reload the page? if it still persists, just turn off the brave shield for this web pages
NOTE : certain websites don’t function as intended if you have an ad blocker running (like brave shield), support for all these types of websites to block ads is yet to come in the future updates
Your patience is appreciated
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happens on this site too:

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Will look into it, Interactions between the site works vs mobile.

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Yeah, I would do that if I knew how.

tap the shields icon on the top right and click advanced and turn off blocked script
else totally tun off the toggle at the top
Hope this helps
Good Day

I have a similar issue with a Brazilian site ( Website loads fine on desktop (Brave tested on Linux and Windows), but not on Android, which displays that annoying message.

With all due respect, I think disabling shields would simply defy its purpose. I cannot imagine the following scene in any Star Trek episode.

“Captain, we received a message from the enemy stating that we are interfering with their weapons”
“Disable the shields” :thinking:

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