Brave shield detected "close advertising"

Description of the issue:

brave shield does not block the small advertising box in the center of the screen although I reload the page the box comes out again I have aggressive mode in windows and android

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave

Brave version (check About Brave):


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Well, that’s 50/50. It is blocking. If not blocking, then it would look like below:

But it does have the one small box. Just FYI, once you click anywhere on the screen, the Cerrar Publicidad box disappears.

So it’s doing good on blocking ad, but it still has to block that additional portion. I’m wanting to say it’s iframe but not sure if I’m right on that.

In any case, Inspect element is below:

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Thanks for the answer @saoiray then we will have to wait for the answer from @fanboynz if you can remove closing advertising because it is too annoying when you want to reload the page and it appears like that again successively.

Just a normal cosmetic and a normal ad, not an anti-adblock thing.
So it is easy as:

Well, guess not really. I just went to test it. Doing that will indeed hide that display, but then something breaks where you can’t scroll on the page. So doesn’t seem viable.

You are right something was missing! It is still a normal custom filters, nothing fancy, like when I was trying to use scriptlet from uBo Scriptlets to ‘call’ the function, so I was doing it like, close_welcome_ad, 0) and let the function do the same that can be done with custom filters can do.

But it is just BS ads, not like anti-adblock or anything, so it was easy.
The thing was that it is calling a function when you hit the close button from the popup, funcion called close_welcome_ad, which you can go to devtools and run close_welcome_ad(); and it will close the ad like when you click on the X button, because it is pretty much doing a ‘when you click on the close button, then run this function’, which will hide the welcome-ad (exactly what the cosmetic I gave does), but also it will add a css property overflow: visible to the body, so this is what was missing to scroll the page.
I just had to read what it was using, but I checked thanks to you.

So, it needs these two custom filters: visible !important;)

and done!

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thanks @emi the custom filter works thanks for sharing

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