So New Yorkers Lose their VBAT

I would like an official person to answer this please. With only 2 days to go on this count down, it appears that it’s tough luck for the New York users. So are we just going to lose our vbat, no solution, no nothing?

It has been months since I have been waiting for this Gemini issue to be fixed. From the error connecting to my Gemini account and than stalling then telling me to try again later to the temporarily unavailabele one. I figured it would eventually be resolved. It never did.

Trying to figure out why it woudn’t connect all the way each time, I started looking on this forum. Then in August I stumbled on a post here from a regular member giving updates stating the app would be back within a week. I started checking every other day or week. Past month it just flat out says currently not available in my region. It’s just ridiculous that this became my routine and with no concrete official word.

Seems like the answers I’ve been seeing here is just either donate it or a scolding of oh if you waited too long then too bad. Which is not what people truthfully sign up for and a deflect to blame users.

And it’s not just me. Family members and other people I’ve gotten to use this browser are annoyed by my “crypto browser” not paying up or being too much of a hassle.

Briefly describe your issue:

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Windows 10

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)

Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)

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