Unable to link / verify on Gemini

For some reason a few days ago my Brave Rewards have been unliked from Gemini (both PC and Laptop). Can’t re-link on either of them, balance shows 0 (Gemini shows correct amount from previous months).

Brave Version 1.36.119 Chromium: 99.0.4844.83 (Official Bulid) (64-bit)

Whenever I try to verify I get an error:

“Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

Gemini account is verified and I’m in a supported region.


Following as I’m having the same issue.

From what country are you both from?

been like that for over a week for me. havent received a scheduled payout on gemini this year either. i gave one of the brave staff a nudge in feb, and mentioned i didnt get a payout in march either and got the old “payments still processing”, when in the official thread he linked it said payouts were completed.

it’s almost like the whole system is broken and no-one has a clue what is going on, and information from the team is limited, at best. it’s a cool idea, getting paid to view the ads you see in your browser, but this implementation is pretty awful, and the last 4 months have really highlighted that.

i guess we just gotta sit back and have blind faith it will come good in the end, 'cause looking at the evidence from this year, i am not hopeful.

From what country are you from bro?

i am from the UK.
why do you ask?

Because if you are from Philippines and Vietnam Brave Rewards was suspended. well we will wait for the response of the support team.

I’m from Romania. I see it’s supported (+ it has worked before, not sure why I got disconnected).

im from philippines and my other device is working fine just my pc got disconnected because of device limit reached but right now it is already connected but my bat rewards wont go through in uphold

I was about to post a new thread; but found this.

I’ve had the same issue as above. after some back-and-forth with the lovely intelligent people at Gemini…

here’s their latest email to me regarding the issue:

Hi [accountholder],

Thank you for following up!

We are able to accept BAT, the issue is that we can’t link our Gemini account with Brave anymore.

Additionally we thank you for the recommendation regarding the instructions that are still available in the platform. Gemini is constantly trying to better our services and your feedback is a very important part of that. I will be sure to pass this on to my team.

If you have any additional suggestions or feedback please feel free to reach back out anytime!

Onward and Upward,

The feedback they mention is me listing ALL of the links on their site that says “BRAVE + GEMINI” and how we CAN in fact link our brave wallets to Gemini for reward collections.

:fu:t3: Gemini…

This response from Gemini doesn’t make much sense, because I run rewards on 3 Brave browsers in my home, 2 on Macs and 1 on Windows. One Mac and the Windows machine were both disconnected from Gemini and the Mac reconnected without any issue but the Windows machine gives me the “Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.” message. Are you running Windows? Maybe this is just an OS specific problem?

I run windows all around. I thought it was IP Specific, my wallet worked for a few days longer at work than it did at home, but now both are having the same issues. :frowning:

Mine are all under the same IP. Also, I just now attempted to restore the Windows Brave rewards wallet with the seed phrase and that didn’t work either. On the rewards setting page (brave://rewards/) it was displaying 41 ads viewed prior to restoring it but now it is at zero, which I expected. Other than that, it’s still unable to connect to Gemini. I do have a support ticket in with Brave so maybe they’ll figure it out.

I ended up transfering my collected BAT to Coinbase and closing my Gemini account. I’m not in the mood to be messed around like this after all the recent issues I’ve had with other cryptocurrencies. :sweat_smile: I’ll now wait until I’ve got enough BAT to start an Uphold account.

It’s interesting how I’ve stopped receiving the ads since the connection to gemini went Pete Tong… It’s nice and quiet. :frowning:

If you think it’s better with uphold then you will see :smiley:
Short story: it’s not. For me it’s even worse with uphold but hey, at least their support respond, not like brave.

Why are such issues a thing? I’m guessing we can’t have nice things… I’m having similar issues with a file storing crypto called Storj. But that’s for another forum.

I have the same problem. My account keeps getting logged out; when I tried to log back in, I get the same error. The last reward payment they sent to my account was November, so now there are no ads either. The whole system is broken, and it seem like the developers don’t care.

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im kinda similar on gemini - i was enticed by the staking but it’s not available in my region, with no timeframe when it will be. add in this mess and i’m just done with it.

how did you transfer your bat out? what network?

p.s. i’ve just set up the transaction to put the bat in my uphold, but was there any fees? cant see any anywhere so i’m reluctant to hit send

I transferred out of Gemini into Coinbase. It was free to do so; just a withdraw. took about 20 minutes. I haven’t set up an uphold account yet due to not having enough bat to satisfy their minimum requirements… :sweat: I thought playing with Crypto was supposed to be easy…

and seeing as rewards are disabled on one of my machines even though it’s set to get 10 ads per hour, that’s going to take an infinite amount of time. coughBRAVEcough

Edit: Trust the sheep to get in the pic…
Edit2: wait, Gemini has staking? That’s news to me. I’m staking on coinbase.