So far, no BATs, loads of alerts, and constant problems

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I. Ant even delete the copy that I’m supposed to delete before posting.

So annoyed. So many problems. About to drop Brave altogether because it’s clearly not working after months of promises.

Zero BATs.

@Ran23 feel free to provide more information about your “issue/s”.

For now, the only “answer” that I can provide is:

You not get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave.

  • Sometimes there’s a grants that you can claim,
  • or opt-in to earn from Brave Ads – available on desktop (mobile support is coming) for supported regions,
  • or you can add your own funds.



Even if I had any idea of the questions to ask – and like so many of the problems about which I have read on the forums during this day’s long overdue and very underwhelming launch, and as a veteran newspaperman who worked for 11 years as an investigator for a law firm – I’m curious why you are clearly so clueless, unconcerned and incompetent.

I’ll make it simple.

I’ve earned NO TOKENS despite Brave’s promise that I can “[e]arn tokens by viewing ads in Brave. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser.”

My simple question is: Why have I earned no tokens despite having viewed many ads?

My complex question is: Since I’ve viewed so many ads, earned no tokens, and continue to get nearly hourly alerts to view ads, why should I keep the Brave app and browser?

My apologies, @Ran23 . It’s not my intention to become “clueless, etc”. You not provide enough information about your issue. So it’s hard for me to provide a proper support since I’m not clearly sure about your issue.

  • Which ads that you see?

Brave Ads (available for desktop and Android) is appears as system notification. If you see ads that appears on website, then it’s not Brave Ads.

  • Did you live in supported region?

Brave Ads is, for now, geo-restricted to US, Canada, German, France, and UK.

More information


so you cant earn rewards by using this browser you say?
is viewing ads the only way to earn rewards?

First, be nice. You’re not making it easy to help you.

Second, are you maybe looking at your wallet balance which shows 0.0 BAT?
You don’t get your rewards right away, they first appear as “Estimated pending rewards” within your Reward Settings. At the 5th of each month you have the chance to move them to your wallet.
(If you are on a Desktop-Version, click on the triangle in the navigation bar, then on “Rewards Settings”. On the left you should see how many ads you received and how much BAT you will get.)


@haydge I think I need to rephrase my answer.

For users, the main way to earn BAT is via Brave Ads, and not grants. Grants is the early approach to help user try the Rewards system. When Brave Ads “fully works”, then grants will also be stopped.

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