No brave ads anymore

Hi everyone,

I am using Brave for about a year and never had an issue with anything concerning BATs. I have a Uphold verified wallet and everything worked perfectly. I only had issues with the rewards summary staying blank with “No activity yet” every months (even if i click “more details” it’s 0.00 everywhere, but received my BATs and did transaction through Uphold so nothing annoying.

r/BATProject - No brave ads anymore

However, i don’t have ads anymore on my laptop browser since more than two weeks. My account is linked with my android too and i continue to receive ads notification on the phone.
Also, i have another computer (desktop) used as a work from home station. I never linked my uphold wallet on this one because all of the BAT earned on this one are for Wikipedia, and this one continue to receive ads notification too.
My internet habits on my laptop are exactly the same as before

I tried many solutions i read here and on r/brave_browser :

  • Change the frequency of the ads
  • Turn off brave rewards for days and turn it on again
  • Reconnect with uphold
  • And finally tried to uninstall and reinstall this morning

My browser version is [1.12.114 Chromium: 84.0.4147.135 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Any ideas Brave fellows?

(my mother tongue is French sorry if my english is not perfect)

Other problem that i couldn’t restore my pending reward (about 19 BATs) my seed was not recognized (It was correctly spelled and in the right order) nevertheless, Uphold fees are so high that i do not want to empty my uphold wallet and i am afraid to lose all my wallet BATs if something go wrong.


Im having the exact same problem. For the last 7 days i have received one Ad, and that was when i was trying to force ads by turning everything on/off to reset it. Now 5 days without a single ad, even after reinstalling brave.

I have been using bat since June, have transferred bat to my uphold twice, but brave is saying in the history that it has only happened once?

Something definitely wrong, just praying for an update that fixes this

Same experienced with me. I started using Brave since June, and not yet transfering my BAT to my Uphold account because I need to reach 25 BAT before I can be able put it to my Uphold Wallet. But now, it is stuck in 21.075 BAT and not receiving any ADs for few days. So now, I don’t know if how can I put it in my wallet. Any help?

That’s because the new version have some problem.If you want your ads again as before then you have to uninstall and get back to the older version, the same thing i updated my app tried uninstall and reinstall nothing worked and on my second phone is receiving ads normally because haven’t updated the browser.
Thank god for this…
You will get ads normally after switching to older version again!

If I will uninstall my new brave browser, what will happen to my existing BAT? Will it back to ZERO or will remain?

Yes! u will loose them… don’t uninstall if u have balance in it.

Where could I find the older version to install it?

So sad, but how can I be able to transfer my BAT if It is stuck and can’t be able to reach the 25BAT. :frowning::cry:

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wow the great news come

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