Not getting BAT but getting Ads?

Hello Brave Users/Devs

So something peculiar has been occuring now since the 1.5.10 nightly update where I will keep receiving Brave ads and no BAT afterward,

What’s rather peculiar to note is that the Ads received does not change either.

This has happened for the better side of 10 or so Ads now.


For the devs:
OS Win32 Windows 10 1903

Replicability: Seen by other users


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Thanks for reaching out – I’m actually experiencing this particular behavior as well myself. I’ve already reached out to the Rewards team for more information. I’ll let you know when I have more information.


Seems like others are seeing the same thing – seems to be a server problem. Don’t worry, we’re already working on a fix and, once implemented, the browser will retry those confirmations so that they get counted.

Appreciate your patience.



Same issue on linux/android all is green :frowning:

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Ironically I was stuck at ammount of ads received, just went back to check here, got a brave ad, checked my rewards and seemed to go up in count for ads this month by an ad!

Can anyone confirm this is fixed so I don’t need to make another VM to test it?

Weirdly enough, my BAT was at 15.1 and now is at 15.0. Strange. Not like 0.1 BAT is a big deal if Rewards is fixed in my opinion. Figured I would shed some light. @Mattches

-AASB is staying Brave

Just as I checked, it went up to 15.1 again.

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I’m also seeing this issue resolved personally and with other users as well. I think you can rest easy @AsAboveSoBelow – the issue seems to be resolved :slight_smile:

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