Sneaky suspicions that Brave is up to no good

As the title says, I am unfortunately beginning to have trust issues with brave based on the below:

  1. Youtube ads. All posts read with others experiencing similar issues, all suggestions attempted - still getting youtube ads. This has been reported months ago, not only is there still no fix, but Brave moderators took up a line of behavior to answer people in a way that implies thats it’s a local or a settings problem, when it’s clearly not.

This drives my suspicion that an agreement behind closed doors has been reached with youtube. Who careshow the users that put their trust in brave feel about it, business interests first.

  1. settings revert to “standard” for add and tracker blocking and finger printing protection every time brave browser is closed and opened again, after I specifically set them to “strict”. This happens on Android, Linux and Windows.

This has been reported years ago, still no fix, still same behavior.

This is as constructive, open and honest as it gets. What’s not constructive, not transparent and deceiving is how the Brave team have carried on with these issues.

PS: I am not surprised if this topic gets deleted, hidden from others and my account banned. Go ahead, It will make my suspicions clear facts.

Alternative: draw conclusions from this feedback and improve.

If the post gets deleted is because you are talking BS, that’s why.

Youtube has NOTHING to do with Brave, it’s own by Google, a hundreds of billions of dollar company that makes business on ads. Do you really think they will not do anything to combat Adblockers?
It happens the same with uBlock and Adguard, then if Adguard or uBlock finds the solution to workaround youtube ads before Brave, Brave will use that solution.

Not everyone gets ads, and not everyone will fix your problems. You are in a Google owned product (youtube), you are at their mercy, you could use Piped or Invidious or Odysee, but you would rather expect Youtube adblocking to work 100% forever?

The only reason adblocker can go from Aggressive to Standard, which it doesn’t matter because both would block Google ads, Amazon, Facebook tracking, and all malicious 1p ads/trackers just the same, so it technically barely affects the experience with Big Tech companies.
It is if you are clearing the data on exit, there is one that say Site AND SHIELD SETTINGS, turn it off and stop complaining, there is no other way Brave will somehow set a setting to its default, unless you are doing it YOURSELF.

So, learn how to use anything in life, and then come and complain, because it is clear you are clueless about Brave and its adblocker.

Adblockers are not relative, they are absolute, they will do whatever they are told to do by filter lists, Brave uses uBlock default lists, plus couple Brave specific ones, unless a rule is not in Brave-unbreak or Brave-specific like whitelist for Brave ads or Yandex analytics (they audited them to see if they were malicious or not) or Startpage ads or anything like that, then there is no way your "they are making a deal’ will work, because it would be easy to find out if a Google/Youtube script was being allowed.
And if Brave uses uBlock default lists, then any fix uBlock does, will most likely work in Brave automatically unless Brave adblocker doesn’t support a uBlock specific feature, but Brave is working on feature parity with uBlock.

So, no, your suspicious and all your post is just a bunch of BS… no proof, only assumptions, the worst type of user.

I wish Brave team would not let Bots with not even a real username and only numbers (like on twitter) to post and actually moderate their BS posts, because most are a bunch of nonsense.

Maybe you should just study more, research and learn, you are not even asking question, you are throwing the stone before asking questions, your feedback and your ‘improvements’ are just accusing Brave team of working with Google and its YOU who doesn’t even know how adblockers work, and YOU resetting your settings, which will not even affect Youtube and many other websites because even if Standard is supposed to do only 3p, and Aggressive 1p and 3p, Standard will still many 1p filtering, and that includes Youtube.

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Well, now that you had your rant and a load of judging a random person, without knowing use cases, etc…

You are not even worth my time replying, but for the developers, I will address a couple of your points.

  1. Everywhere you look, one of the main points of advertising Brave is it “blocks youtube ads by default”. Clearly it’s not what is happening and this feature has been broken for some time. If it’s to do with third party ad blockers like your fanboy above states, please don’t use it in your advertising and give credit to these third parties that implement it, you won’t cop the blame for it either.

  2. If the filters revert every time the browsing data is cleared, it means that you can only have one or the other, which doesn’t seem right and it should be fixed (should have been fixed a year ago).

As for the person who replied above, spitting venom… -

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@9463268 Welcome to the community. For a first time post you definitely came out swinging. You posted suspicions, not facts, and accused Brave of shady business practices. I am all for meaningful feedback but, from my point of view, you posted in bad faith and spit out a fair amount of venom yourself. If you want to be taken seriously, you should support your statements with examples, links, screenshots, etc. of bad behavior by Brave. Right now, most of your accusations are vague and unsubstantiated and are not representative of my experience with Brave ad-blocking at all.

My shields and fingerprinting settings only revert back to defaults on exit if I have clear site and shield settings checked in the on exit tab in clear browsing data. Maybe you have that box checked in all your devices? If not, you may want to open a support topic to see if Brave support or another community member can help figure out what is going on. It is weird that it is happening on all your devices. I think it is probably a setting but without more information, can’t really say. Make sure you fill out the template if you do decide to create a topic: the information requested will help troubleshoot your issue.

Since advertisers are constantly looking for ways to circumvent ad-blocking and filter lists, it is really helpful if you can report instances of ads displaying in the Ad-blocking category. The About topic pinned at the top of the category has some really useful information and instructions for reporting.

Also, if you see a sudden uptick in ads, especially any 3rd-party ads, you may need to update your filter list(s). You can check for updates at brave://components. You can also check which filter lists you have enabled at brave://settings/shields/filters. I think (not sure) uBlock Annoyances is enabled by default. You should probably enable Easy-List too. I think Fanboyz Anoyance list already has Easy-List included.

There are experimental ad-block features you can test at brave://flags. I don’t suggest changing any of the default settings unless you really know what the feature does. Usually you can do a web search to find out more about a particular experimental feature.

Finally, posting links to Brave articles that may help you understand Shields and ad-blocking in more depth. There are other Brave articles out there if you want to do a deep dive but I think these will cover the basics.

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Thanks for the welcome, it’s great to be here (although I don’t intend to stick around).

I did come out swinging, however I am on your side and my intentions are good. You see, some times we need a good shake up.

As you have mentioned yourself, the title clearly states “suspected” and suspected can not be a factual accusation.

Trust me, as a long time user, I have a lot of great things to say about Brave to.

But when you recommend Brave to whome ever and when you demonstrate it, the first thing you see is 2 youtube ads, Brave is not doing itself any favors.

Lets not derail and focus on my interesting personality but get back to the topic.

Everything used to work great. But not any more. All recommendations have been followed (including incognito mode, etc…) To no avail.

I am sure this is a problem that affects many users (judging by what I have read), possibly on a geographic principle. Ignoring the problem and blaming settings, closing topics without resolving the problem will not make it go away. When can we expect Brave to take this seriously and acknowledge that the problem exists? When can we expect a fix and the browser to behave as before?

Hello @9463268

as @Chocoholic mentioned ads and ads blocker is a game of cat and mouse so advertiser will keep looking for away to work around ads blocker and ads blocker will keep get update to fix that leakage same as antivirus and virus

for me rarely i get ads on youtube (it been while for me since i get any but i can not say it working 100% ) so could you share screen shot of the ads and the shield setting
and of course there many frontend for youtube as @Emi suggested if you interested to put more layer for your security and risk management

i guess you clear history/cache on exit if that the case then go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and make sure to unselect site and shield settings

i forget to mention that i use extra block filter

CJX’s Annoyance List, Easylist-Cookie List, Fanboy Annoyances List, Fanboy Social List, Fanboy’s Mobile Notifications List, and uBlock Annoyances List

which you can select from here brave://settings/shields/filters

hope that help and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


The YouTube ad block works perfectly fine for me

Sure, the ad block is bypassed on separate occasions, but Brave is usually quick to fix it

The second issue has never occurred to me, though

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