Great experience with a few problems

I installed Brave a month ago, since I read articles claiming it was one of the most secure browser.
I had a great experience, it’s really fast. Since it’s based on chromium, it’s not too destabilizing to make the transition(I moved from Chrome and liked it, I was concerned about privacy of Chrome). I like the integrated ad-blocker and like the idea behind Brave rewards.
There’s also some less great things. First, the video ads on YouTube do not have Skip button when shields are down, I know that the problem is known and a fix will be up soon. But this problem made me go temporarily on Firefox, because I watch a lot of videos on Youtube (I plan to change to Brave when the fix is available).
Also, I did a test for the web tracking protection and had some interesting results.
I did my test on the site and the result proved that although the web tracking protection is great, some improvements could be made. Here’s the results.

I’m happy with my experience with Brave so far.Continue your great job!

I’ve been curious about that myself. I’ve never had a browser do better than those results.



BTW, clearing browsing data between tests should give you a better result --> “nearly unique”. Testing is also dependent on other privacy/anti-tracking extensions you might have installed on Brave. Less is better in my experience, and relying on built-in features as much as possible.

In addition to Panoptclick you may test at:


Brave is doing a good job with adblocking and its other privacy features! :+1: :+1:

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Hello @technical-glove,
We’ve recently worked with the EFF to update Panopticlick. Panopticlick’s results now correctly reflect Brave’s privacy protections. The site will now show desktop and Android Brave users that they have a very high level of privacy protection. We’re currently working to enable these protections for iOS users too.
Go to and test it out.

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