Recent Brave survey is concerning

Filled out a Brave survey today. Frankly I am concerned how much it was focused on youtube ads and how youtube ads would affect my willingness to use Brave browser. It is almost like they are trying to assess the damage that might be cause by brave shileds no longer being able to block google ads, given the whole google manifest crap. Opinions?

@DwellerOfThePast you’re focused on the wrong thing. It wouldn’t have anything to do with Manifest V3. They have long already told us it wouldn’t be a problem as everything is coded in Rust within the browser.

I have not seen the survey you are speaking of yet. Assuming it’s as you mentioned, then I would guess it’s related to things like and

Essentially various websites are trying to adjust their technologies to make it harder or impossible to block ads. YouTube is going that route. In a similar notion, Facebook has long tried to mask their ads as content, so it’s hard to distinguish between what is an actual post and what is an ad.

Brave is always building on their capabilities as well, to try to prevent ads. Assuming they really have put out a survey as you’re speaking, it may just be them trying to field how that might impact people using Brave while also trying to make people aware of what Google is trying to do.

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OK. Was not aware of it. Didn’t mean to throw allegations, was just expressing my concerns. Regardless, Youtube is not a deal breaker for me anyway, as I use its alternatives more these days.

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