Smart reaction for selected area

I have one of requests for the future brave browser :blush:

(VPN, Download button, SS & PIP mode now available)


Please add Smart reaction box (when I selected area show some option copy, paste, search etc automatically)

First of all, good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone.

First: Picture in Picture, it has always been available to the User, (the image shows it) right clicking on a video also works, in that mini-menu appears Picture in Picture as well.

Second: Since some time ago the Flag [Download Bubble] and the V2 of it have been available. It is not the same, but it would be interesting to see, or to be able to change the position of [Download Bubble] , which I use together with other Flags.

Which I use together with other Flags that facilitate the use of the Browser, as also the Flag *[Enable the high efficiency mode feature in the settings] suspends the windows that are in disuse, windows which you are not seeing, being able to put a time of suspension.

Some of the things you ask for would be fine as an implementation, but you could also opt for Lightshot, it consumes practically nothing, but itโ€™s at your disposal hehe.


I agree with you Emi. But it is always good to get out of doubts, in a way with these posts, it informs of features already available and also encourages feedback from different opinions that Brave could take into account.

Like the Screenshot Flag, but that doesnโ€™t work xd